K-9 Keertan, Punjabi and Gurmat


Khalsa School Calgary offers the Alberta Curriculum in a faith based environment. The teaching of Punjabi, Gurmat and Keertan to all students in Kindergarten to Grade 9 is one of the key pillars of our school. In this way we are contributing to living our motto of “Preserving the Past…Preparing for the Future”.



Punjabi/Gurmat and Keertan Class Mission Statement



We, the embraced students of Khalsa School Calgary, come to Punjabi/Gurmat class and Keertan to learn, about our rich culture and heritage, and learn the Sikh core values of love, care, respect and humility practically in our lives so that we can preserve our glorious past and be ready for the challenges in the future.

Greet everybody with respect and smile
Follow the 7 Habits in Gurmat and English language
Learn leadership roles the e same as in our own homerooms
To explore thoughts, ideas, experiences
Being able to read and understand Gurbani (Patth)
Understanding the life of the Gurus and their significance
To respect, support and collaborate with others
To respectfully learn to play Tabla and Harmonium and to learn the Shabads
To perform the Shabads, with confidence, at school assemblies and special events and at the Gurdwara