Unique Features

Our teaching and learning environment supports academic and spiritual growth while enhancing the personal and social development of our students. Our deliberate focus on “preserving the past…preparing for the future” underpins our students’ success and achievement.


Every day we encourage our students to strive for excellence, embrace their full
potential, and demonstrate pride in their culture, traditions and faith.



We also ensure in a very deliberate and focused way that students are provided
with opportunities for learning beyond the core curriculum and that they will
develop the knowledge, skills and attributes required in the 21st. We provide many
opportunities for students to become ethical citizens on a local and global level and
engaged thinkers and learners. We also provide opportunities for student to
develop an entrepreneurial spirit.



Our unique attributes include:


Promotion of Sikh faith, traditions, cultures and values

Compulsory courses in Punjabi, Gurmat & Keertan (K-9)

Enhanced curriculum to reflect the school’s core values, principles and goals.

Celebration of Canadian, and Sikh holidays and traditions.

Recognition of provincial, national and international and Sikh days, weeks and months of significance

Enhanced Leadership and Learning Day

Leadership and Learning Families

Student performances at the Gurdwara

Student led weekly(themed) assemblies

The Leader in Me and the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Student Leadership Roles at the class and school level

Education Beyond the Core Curriculum

Commitment to Service and Social Justice through Seva Through Synergy projects, Me to We/Free the Children commitments, etc. at the grade and school level