Uniform Information

Khalsa School Calgary is proud of its heritage, tradition and foundation. Part of our culture is that we take pride in who we are, what we do and what we stand for.  Our school uniform is a symbol of our school pride as well as one means of showing respect for our school.


Research has clearly indicated that school uniforms have a positive impact on the learning environment. There are many benefits associated with school uniforms which include the following:


Enhanced school safety and sense of well being

Improved learning environment

Enhanced self-esteem for students and reduction of peer pressure

Improving school climate and professionalism


As members of our Khalsa School Community students are required to be in proper school uniform (Regular or Full) at all times except on Bana or Casual Days which are noted in our school calendar.   Students are expected to be well groomed and uniforms are to be clean.


When students are not in proper school uniform it is a sign of disrespect for our school, for our dress code and for our expectations for student behaviour. The lack of a proper school uniform is considered a student discipline matter and will be treated as such.



The Khalsa School Calgary Uniform must be purchased from Elegant Design. All components of our school uniform will have our school crest and/or school initials (KSC) embroidered or silk screened on the article of clothing.  Gym strip is optional for Grades 4 – 6. Gym strip is mandatory for Grades 7 – 9.


Khalsa School Uniform Standard




Full Dress Uniform is required to be worn on the first day of school, special occasions (notice will be provided) and for all field trips.


Full Dress Uniform includes:

White Dress Shirt (button down)

Navy Blue Tie

Navy Blue Uniform Pants,

Short Sleeve Navy Vest, V-Neck Sweater or Cardigan

Navy Blue Head Covering


Gym Strip (Gr. 4 – 9)


Proper Gymnasium Footwear (running shoes)

Navy T-Shirt with Logo

Navy Short with KSC (Male students)

Navy Sweat Pant with Logo (Female Students)



On other school days, students may choose to wear the white golf shirt with uniform pants and head covering or student may choose to wear the full dress uniform.


Please remember that shirts must be tucked in at all times. Uniforms must be kept neat and clean.




Every Friday is Bana Day; a day when we invite and encourage students and staff to dress in traditional clothing. Students who choose not to wear traditional clothing must be in regular school uniform.




The last Monday of each month is designated as a casual day. On casual days students and staff are invited to wear non-uniform clothes. Please remember that clothes are to be appropriate, clean, neat and modest on these days.


The Khalsa School Calgary Uniform Supplier is:


Elegant Design & Clothing Manufacturer Bay 11, 1420 40 Ave NE

www. elegantinc.ca

403-250-8747  or 403-250-8747 (Fax)



It is recommended that students have 3 dress shirts and uniform pants, 2 ties and head coverings and 1 of each of the other items. Elegant Design offers a 10% discount for package purchasing.