History of Khalsa School

Khalsa School Calgary was founded in 2007 by the Dashmesh Culture Centre to provide excellence in education while providing an environment rich in Sikh culture, values, beliefs, traditions and principles. The school opened on September 4, 2007 with fifty-six students in grades K-4, six certificated teachers and three other staff.  Since its humble beginning the school has thrived and grown.


Today the school boasts a student population of 375 students in grades K-9, 24 certificated teachers and 13 other staff members.  The original facility has undergone many upgrades since the school’s inception with the most recent being the addition of 14 classrooms and a new gymnasium.

The School’s opening has played an important role in helping establish a strong sense of community, not only for the Sikh Community residing in Calgary, but for the surrounding communities as well. Khalsa School Calgary was founded for the youth living in a western Canadian society to have the ability to stay connected to their Sikh roots.  Khalsa School Calgary strives to provide an excellent environment in which each student is recognized as a leader and is supported throughout the education process while learning about the rich Sikh history, Punjabi, Gurmat and Keertan studies.

Khalsa School Calgary is a Sikh faith private school that aspires to provide students with countless opportunities to achieve academic excellence in a spiritual environment which instils the highest standard of moral and humanitarian values. This mission is fostered through encouraging all members of our school community to adopt a humble sense of care, love and respect for ourselves, for others and for our beliefs and values.


We strive to teach the three pillars of Sikh values to our students:  Naam Japo (meditation), which involves achieving and sustaining a positive outlook of our creator, through a balance between the mind, body and soul. Kirt Karo (honest living), which is defined as earning one’s livelihood through honest means and hard work.  Vand Shako (sharing), which is to volunteer our time, knowledge and earnings to those in need.


Khalsa School Calgary as a Sikh faith based school that is directly supported by the Dashmesh Culture Center, and by the Sikh community. In all matters of faith, we take our direction from our Board and the Gurdwara. As a Sikh School we respect the beliefs, values and practices of all other religions, and we welcome all students and families who wish to join us.  We have a number of unique attributes of which the staff, students and community are very proud.  The three fundamental pillars of academic excellence, personal and character development and a “Khalsa” attitude” underpin our teaching and learning community.

Our teaching and learning environment supports academic and spiritual growth while enhancing the personal and social development of our students.  Our deliberate focus on “preserving the past…preparing for the future” underpins our students’ success and achievement.  Every day we encourage our students to strive for excellence, embrace their full potential, and demonstrate pride in their culture, traditions and faith.


Our Unique attributes include:


Enhanced curriculum to reflect the school’s core values, principles and goals.


Enhanced curriculum to promote 21st Century skills, knowledge and attributes


Enhanced curriculum to promote ethical, engaged and entrepreneurial learners


Compulsory courses in Punjabi, Gurmat & Keertan


Celebration of Canadian and Sikh holidays and traditions


Recognition of provincial, national and international days and weeks of significance


Enhanced Leadership and Learning Day


Student Leadership and Learning Camps


Leadership and Learning Families


Promotion of a Sikh values and principles


Monthly performances at the Gurdwara


Student led weekly assemblies